What if You Could Elevate Safety

in Seconds?

With portable voltage testers, PPE and complex procedures, testing for voltage is a time- and energy-consuming process.

How can you get confident, quick safety everyone can see?

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High-Voltage is High-Risk

Lack of Skilled Workers

Lack of Skilled Workers

Reduce training time with simplified processes to make it easy for every worker.

Constrained Workflows

Constrained Workflows

Time is valuable. Get the most from your team by speeding up routine processes with intuitive technology.

Stringent Regulations

Stringent Regulations

Comply with strict regulations using reliable, best-practice technology that’s proven to reduce risk.

Safety Risks

Safety Risks

Protect your teams with safety they can verify using instruments they can trust without adding complexity.

Get Visible Safety

You Can Trust

Provide safety everyone can see with VeriSafe™ absence of voltage testers, the most advanced permanently mounted AVT on the market.

Get safety everyone can trust

Traditional absence of voltage tests require training and expertise. With VeriSafe, any team member can test for voltage presence.

Test with the press of a button

With VeriSafe permanently mounted on your control panels, anyone can verify absence of voltage with only one touch.

No tools required

As a safe, all-inclusive solution, users can test for voltage without tools or protective gear.

Hexagon Verisafe Hexagon Verisafe

Use industry best practices and certifications

We designed VeriSafe with your needs and best practices in mind. Each VeriSafe model meets the following standards:

  • NFPA 70E 120.5(7) Exception 1
  • CSA Z462 4.2.5 (g) Exception 2
  • UL Listed

Leverage recurring time savings

Donning PPE and performing manual processes can take up to 20 minutes and expose your team to electrical hazards. Do it the safe way in about 10 seconds with VeriSafe.

Get quick ROI

On average, new VeriSafe users see a total return on investment within one year after installation.

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Addressing the common misconceptions of AVTs

How do AVTs measure up to portables or portals? Are AVTs reliable? Learn the answers to these questions and more in our Panduit AVT webinar.

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