Designed for Offshore Environment

Panduit's Innovative Offshore Infrastructure Solutions

Panduit is a global manufacturer of physical infrastructure solutions, including electrical and network cabling systems, for a wide range of industries, including the offshore industry. In order to be the world's foremost leader in the offshore industry, Panduit aims to provide innovative, reliable and cost-effective infrastructure solutions that can increase operational efficiency and withstand the harsh conditions of offshore environments.

To accomplish this, we have established a robust business environment and leveraged our expertise to develop and patent a marine polyurethane material. This innovative material offers unparalleled protection for special pipes and subsea cables against impact and abrasion.

In addition, we have also created a protective sheath for subsea cables and have successfully manufactured and supplied products that meet the unique requirements of offshore projects, including those related to offshore oil and offshore wind farm development.

Panduit is recognized as a front-runner in core technology research and development, as well as the manufacturer of essential products needed for various offshore industries. At Panduit, we are committed to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible in the offshore industry, all while maintaining our position as the foremost leader in creating customer value.

URAPROTECT™ Solution     Bend Restrictor

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Subsea Cable & Pipe Protection System
Designed for the Offshore Environment
URAprotect Solutions

URAPROTECT™, developed by Panduit, is a cost-effective and efficient solution for protecting subsea pipes and cables from abrasions and impacts during installation and operation. It is designed as a protective "sleeving" that can be installed on the pipe or cable as it is laid or offloaded. This helps to minimize the need for additional vessels or equipment and reduces project costs.

Feature of URAPROTECT™
  • Excellent resistance and elasticity to abrasion, electrical currents and underwater hazards
  • High elasticity and flexibility without losing its protective properties
  • Resistance to chemical and UV radiation
  • Hydrolysis resistance to ensure the long-term durability (more than 20 years) of the protective coating
  • Thermal stability to prevent damage in extreme temperature conditions

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Bend Restrictor

An efficient solution for maintaining positive clearance between cables and pipelines.
Bend Restricter

Bend restrictors are typically used in static applications where there is a possibility of over bending or damage to the pipe structure. They can be used onshore, offshore or subsea and are often used to support flexible pipes over free spans. Some common applications include wellhead connections, PLET connections, J-tube exits, rigid pipe crossovers, and over subsea buoys at the interface between flexible and rigid structures.

Feature of Bend Restrictors
  • Material used is denser than seawater thus minimize added weight and stress on the cables
  • Good resistance against abrasion, harsh and marine environment
  • UV stable with good ageing characteristics
  • Custom design according to client’s specifications

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